Today, January 1st, 2024, on the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, I’m celebrating the first anniversary of launching my blog/website which contains years of my personal writings on the Catholic faith. This is something that I had wanted to do for many years and, for various reasons, it did not happen according to my desired timeline. In retrospect, I can now see that, as always, God’s timing is perfect.

My library of content, dating back to 2019, includes catechetical pieces in which I explain Church teaching on specific topics; spiritual and theological reflections, multi-week series for Advent, Lent, and longer topics; and examinations of particular celebrations within the liturgical calendar. All of my content is searchable by keyword in the search bar or by topic in the drop-down menu. You can also subscribe to receive all of my new content directly to your inbox which is typically published weekly. Thank you to those who have already subscribed!

You can also access the Catholic Chaplet Channel from this website which is a YouTube channel my husband and I created in 2019 as an audio prayer aid to pray along with chaplets of various lengths and for various intentions. We include all of the intentions left in the comments when we pray our rosary together, as well, so feel free to leave them.

To celebrate the last year, I wanted to share some fun stats from my site about the reach of my content. Whether they are impressive or not is subjective, but they far exceed my expectations for the year, which tells me that very little of this has to do with me, and all of the glory goes to God. I simply give my fiat and cooperate and He does all the heavy lifting.

I constantly communicate with the Lord in prayer regarding His will for my work, asking Him to use me however He sees fit. He has always provided exactly the right inspiration at exactly the right time, sometimes even causing me to completely change course. I have also let Him know that if anything I say or do brings one soul a step closer to Him or a deeper understanding of the Truth, then any sacrifices I have made to do this work will have been worth it. To that end, He has sent me many affirmations (many through this website, but also through other sources), both subtle and huge, to encourage me to continue my small part in building up His kingdom.

I’m grateful to God for the many blessings I have to share and to everyone who has given me encouragement and support, most especially my husband and children. I’m also eternally grateful to our Blessed Mother for keeping me under her mantle of protection while gently guiding my way, and to my patroness, St. Catherine of Siena, for being my inspiration. God is so good! So, without further adieu…

Articles:                                201, and counting
Visitors:                                9,266
Pages Viewed:                   11,603
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Chaplets Prayed:            355,740
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Three Most Popular Chaplets:
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