Hi everyone! Quick mid-week post to share some exciting news!

Turns out our Chaplets Channel on YouTube was noticed by the wonderful people behind SpiritusTV and we have been invited to launch a channel there as well! We have just begun to upload our content to the platform and would love to have you come visit us there.

Also, since we’re just getting started on SpiritusTV, so there is a lot of content still coming. Subscribe early so you can be in on the ground floor of this exciting new streaming platform!

Catholic Chaplets

Catholic Chaplets began as a labor of love in 2019 when my husband and I discovered a treasury of devotions that were previously unknown to us. We began recording and uploading them to YouTube so that others could pray along with them. The idea for the channel is that people can listen to and pray along with the chaplets while going about their regular tasks: chores around the house, a walk through the neighborhood, sitting in a carpool while picking up children, etc., so that prayer and devotion can be more easily incorporated into everyday life. We’ve recorded each chaplet in a male and female voice so that listeners can choose according to their preference. Additionally, each chaplet is set to music and contains images to help facilitate meditation if the situation allows for it. We have chaplets ranging in length from 3 minutes to over an hour and everything in between. Chaplets also vary in theme such as saint chaplets, Lenten chaplets, angelic chaplets, Marian chaplets, chaplets for the dead, and more. Our channel has reached people from every corner of the globe and it has produced wonderful blessings for us and others since its inception. We’re VERY excited to expand this channel to a new platform!


SpiritusTV is a Catholic alternative to other mainstream video content platforms. At SpiritusTV you can safely engage with content that aligns with your Catholic values including, but not limited to homilies, talks, interviews, catechetics, children’s content, comedy, and other great Catholic content. SpiritusTV is a non-profit and relies on donations for its success. Consider making a donation, but even more importantly, visit the platform, engage with the content, and pray for the volunteers who make it all possible.

You can visit SpiritusTV here.

You can visit and subscribe to the Catholic Chaplet Channel on SpiritusTV here.

You can donate to SpiritusTV here.