Featured Chaplet:

 The Chaplet of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This channel was created by me and my husband to help reinvigorate a love and devotion to traditional Catholic chaplets. Here we’ve compiled both common and rare chaplets in one easy to find place to help close the gap we felt in the accessibility of these amazing Catholic prayers.

A Chaplet is a Christian meditative form of prayer which uses prayer beads of differing lengths. Some chaplets have a strong Marian element, while others focus more directly on Jesus or the Saints. Chaplets are “personal devotionals.”

This channel seeks to bring to listeners the multitude of different chaplets, in all of their forms, to the general public, providing a rich resource of spiritual healing, encouragement, and support for the daily struggles of everyday life.

The channel is designed primarily for listening.  Video content is intentionally still so as to focus the listener on the prayers and meditation while being compatible with the other activities in which listeners are engaged at the time, including driving, exercising, or working around the house.

Liking and subscribing to our channel helps us evangelize and provide faith-supporting videos and recordings. Feel free to drop a comment if a chaplet speaks to you and let us know your intentions so we can include them in our own prayers!

Requests are welcome as well!